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Precast Wall
Precast System

Precast panels is manufactured in manufacturer plant by casting the concrete into the formwork. It will be ready to install after it is delivered to the jobsite. Each panel is designed according to engineering standard to withstand for each structural load.

Panel Wall
Form Work System

The form work system is made by casting the concrete panel at the jobsite with the designed formwork (cast-in-place). The formwork will be removed after concrete have been cured and developed the strength adequately and durability.

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Light Weight Wall
Dry Wall System

Light weight wall is a method of using fiber cement, gypsum board formwork as a concrete wall to replace traditional brick and mortar method. The type of light weight wall system is used base on engineering designed and the objective of each project.

Precast Manufacturing Process

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Concrete casting process

Precast Manufacturing Process

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Jointing Product For Precast

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Joint Between Precast and Column

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Joint Between Precast and Precast

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Joint Between Precast and Slap

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Jointing Product For Precast


Usage Estimation Chart in Kg. 0.00
Coverage Estimation chart in sqm. 0.0

Tile Grout calculator helps you to decide and estimate the quantity of product usage. It is quick and easy to use.

Use this calculator before purchasing Tile Grout.

Note: The actual consumption at jobsite may vary depending on many factors such as substrate, type of tiles, thickness and application.